For example, when the employer requires an employee to use their personal vehicle for business, the employer is deemed to have reason to know of the expenditure. 4th 1238 (1994). An Employer’s Duty to Reimburse. Employers that fail to reimburse employees violate California law, and face exposure for their failure to reimburse under California Labor Code section 2802. The code states that the penalty for not reimbursing an employee includes: Costs incurred in obtaining reimbursement Employers, according to the court’s decision, would also have to reimburse employees for any personal devices workers need to fulfill the duties of the job, such as laptops, tablets, or tools. Hence, while a … Vasquez v. Franklin Management Real Estate Fund, Inc., 222 Cal.
  • your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are Learn more about the cookies we use. Often, the employer has constructive knowledge of certain expenses, and the employer may still recover under section 2802 despite failing to request reimbursement.