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PHP - Search Filter Using PDO

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, , , 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=db_pdo_search', "INSERT INTO `member`(firstname, lastname, address) VALUES (', "SELECT * FROM `member` WHERE `firstname` LIKE '%, Shopping Website (E-Commerce) using PHP/MySQLi With Source Code, Online Learning Management System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code, Online Movie Streaming in PHP with Full Source Code, Point of Sale System (POS) using PHP with Source Code, Sales and Inventory System with Credit Management using PHP Full Source Code, Inventory Management System in PHP and Codeigniter with Source Code, eCommerce Website using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code, College Management System using C++ with Source Code, Student Management System in PHP/MySQL Source Code, Class Scheduling System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code, How to Create a Navigation Bar in HTML/CSS, Easy and Simple Add, Edit, Delete MySQL Table Rows using PHP/MySQLi Tutorial, Simple Registration Form Validation in PHP, Event Calendar Integration in PHP/MySQLi, JQuery with Full Source Code, Inventory Management System using Python with Source Code, Post and Comment System for Beginners using PHP/MySQLi Source Code. create a search button using bootstrap or php,,,,,but we want GUI search button with easy method, and also we content box. I hope you can give me idea how to improve using prepared statements. PDO or PHP Data Objects is an extension of php that is used to access databases.In a previous post php MySQLi tutorial, we learned about mysqli extension. Step 4.