And the butter will make your growing baby happy and healthy , Your email address will not be published. I am going to try the lemon juice someone suggested above…. ♥, I love the simplicity of this recipe, but would like to know the nutritional information per biscuits. delicious! One has to let them cool down to room temperature after baking. Also, no one cares that you aren’t making the recipe…. Still, this recipe is meant to serve 2, and that’s why this one is so small. I added an 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract. Did you really need to be so rude? Step 1: Start by mixing your wet ingredients (coconut oil, honey, eggs, and vanilla) together in a medium-sized bowl. Maybe the oil ran out because you used a flour that behaves more like a traditional flour, Love these little delicious bites!! Yum! The dough was perfect and taste was amazing. Making these healthy 3-ingredient coconut cookies is very easy. These cookies were really good! blessings! *Make sure that you do press these cookies down on the bake sheet, otherwise they can become dense. Thank you for sharing this recipe! granulated sugar, all purpose flour, superfine sugar, butter and 1 more. : ) I grew up using ghee, but ghee is not a substitute for butter; it does not taste the same. My cookies are about the size of a quarter. I made them with coconut oil and raw creamed honey. wondering, for christmas cookies, thought i’d check before using up all my ingredients on adaptation trials . I made them as is (just doubled the batch), and they turned out pretty darn good, but a bit dry. Only 3 ingredients required and few minutes of work. Would you use Coconut Extract in your baking ? After my first try replacing butter with coconut oil, which didn’t taste good, though I added vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom, I tried them today again with butter and adding some grated lemon zest and it tasted great! The taste is great, but the cookies barely hold together. We already have enough misinformation out there, thank you. I just made these with coconut oil instead of butter and also added a flax seed “egg” turned out really good!! Eggs are definitely out. I read that M.I.L comment to my friend while he took a bit and thought the same as well=dry and almost died. I practically just made baked honey butter the first time. They turned out yummy! Read or go to: Just wondering if the butter can be substituted for coconut oil. I added a tad more butter and more honey and they’re still dry as the desert! the list could go on and on. 3-Ingredient Toasted Coconut Cookies ~ Simple Sweet Recipes Still a bit dry, but much better. Shortbread cookies were always my favorite, and these definitely brought back that flavor. Coconut Flour ? I’ve made these a few times and they were a total hit! I can’t do dairy… Thanks! : ). They tasted like little lemon sugar cookies but buttery- delicious. I did get exactly 8 … 2-bite cookies. Use an ice cream scoop get about golf ball sized cookies. (I see it is used in a lot of recipes) thanks Nadine. They were delightful! Still good, especially dunked in tea or other liquid, but a little disappointing overall. Was just craving a treat and made these with coconut oil in place of butter (saving my ghee for breakfast! Oct 9, 2019 - Vegan coconut flour shortbread cookies, an easy 3-ingredient shorbread cookie recipe with no gluten, eggs, refined sugar, or dairy Note: I didn’t use a food processor. . Subbed fiberyum syrup for the honey and added a touch of vanilla and maple extract, 15 drops of stevia glycerite then sprinkled a cinnamon/erythritol mix on top. Wow – these are really delicious! I tried these with coconut oil in place of the butter and came out with decent cookies, but had a hell of a time getting the ingredients to blend, even with using a food processor. I just made these. Next time I think I’ll add some cinnamon or another spice to kick them up a bit. I actually made half the number of cookies and made them thicker. I did not use a food processor however. Hi i made them the first time and cooked them too long so i tried them again. My daughter was happy. There are no eggs in her recipe! You enter food information and it calculates the nutritional values of food, drinks, recipes and ingredients. Yep–measurements are correct. coconut flour? So I JUST made these and they were amazing. Please guide as I really want this recipe to turn out good. Hi Lauren – thank you for this recipe. Regardless, the cookies were very tasty!! I heard about these from a friend, and came to see where she found them. Try to make a ball with your hand, … . We don’t need either of those things in our diet, especially considering milk and honey are not ours to take. I tried these 6 different ways tonight and they were terrible each and every time and yes, I am used to eating very clean with a detoxed palate. They do have that mouth-drying coconut flour vibe about them — I wonder about adding a flax egg or replacing one tablespoon with rice flour or something that incorporates more easily… though I prefer them this quick & easy way! Preheat the oven to 365 degrees and line a baking sheet with. By 8:30 I had tasty little cookies cooling on my counter. 1 cup cold butter I just made these and it only made 8 quarter size cookies. really melts in your mouth while warm…just took them out of the oven! These are just fabulous! Why are you so harsh? There cookies are flourless (gluten free) and dairy free. Don’t know how you got 8 from the original amount, but okay! Or atleast the carb content. Is this the right size? Maybe subbing brown rice syrup for the honey? Check back tomorrow when the new link-up is running to see if you were one of the top 3 featured posts! I am a terrible baker but figured with 3 ingredients i would be ok.  they came out very dry and crumbly for me too. I love all the recipes, but am concerned that there is no nutritional information. I loved the delicate, sweet flavor and interesting texture of these cookies. IT CRUMBLED AND BURNED AT THE BOTTOM . Also, recipes on Empowered Sustenance are always grain free, nut free, and often dairy and egg free. Thank you I love these I just made them! lol . I cooled them and ate, delicious and yummyyyy. these are so easy and delicious!! The moral aspect of stealing honey or milk may be valid but in this world we should not be forcing our opinions upon others. I’m sorry you didn’t like them. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Cookies fall apart. I wonder about rehydrating a couple dates and making a date paste to use instead–may be sweet enough. Other than 8 cookies being a stretch (I made 6 and they were very small), they are very good! Thank you so Much for this recipe!!! So dry, Just WOW! I love that there are so many more options for flours and grains in stores now, it makes it less of a headache to use since I don’t have to drive around to a few stores just to make a recipe. is there a vegan version using coconut oil instead of butted? It was wonderful too and even held up as a sandwich with avocados, salt and pepper and garlic and lettuce. Yes, a lot of the benefits of the honey are killed with heat, but honey is one of the most natural sweeteners you can cook with and there aren’t any negatives of cooking with it. The cookies turned out great, and we will definitely make them again. 1 teaspoon of honey has 5g sugar and 2 tablespoon has 1g of sugar and coconut oil has no sugar, therefore the total recipy has 11.5g of sugar which is great. cannot wait to make these for breakfast! hello… did you (or anybody) try doing this and how’d it work? however, what I wanted to tell you is that he has found totally freaking AWESOME wellness doctors that CAN HELP YOU BEAT THIS! Did you let them cool completely? I love the few ingredients. I was wondering, I made these coconut cookies, and let me tell you, I’m a Paleo with a peanut & tree nut allergy, so these were by far the best and easiest cookies I’ve ever made that turned out GREAT!!! I was also told that coconut oil is high in fat. These cookies are paleo perfection! coconut oil in place of butter; rice malt syrup in place of honey and Stevia? I used melted butter and maple syrup- yum! They were delish! Used the right measurements, waited for it cool, and it was still really dry. I added a little more coconut flour since the batter was pretty sticky, and I cooked an extra few minutes. Thank you from the bottom of my butter loving heart. So easy too! Only recomdation I have is I would change your serving portion to one cuz hubby isn’t getting none ???????????????? Actually, butter from pastured, grass fed cows is a superfood. Judgmental much? I did use coconut oil in place of butter so I don’t know if that should have changed baking temp or time. Taste was good but 9 mins was too long for the fiberyum, turns items crisp, but the cookie was great that way too. So good and super guilt free! Thank you very much for your advice. If you use coconut oil, it should be solidified or cold. These bake really quickly, so keep an eye on them. These were soooo yummy. I’m feeling a bit hungry today and do not have much appropriate snacking items in the house, so I looked for an easy gluten-free cookie recipe and came across this post. ~Misty » That’s great, Misty! That way need for a while, i definitely recommend all sane so. Free and egg free cookies but certainly could have pinched a little off each and made some adjustments- i it. Streamed down my face as i 3 ingredient coconut flour cookies a lot of recipes ) thanks Nadine, your email will. Use butter my butter loving heart runny at first, but am concerned that there so. I forgot the dang salt 3-ingredient coconut cookies ~ simple sweet recipes instructions preheat the oven knew... Need some honey to sweeten up your life cookie ( makes approximately 15 cookies ) bake! Gaps and is GF, CS, and baking soda until well combined just made two! You need some honey to sweeten up your life about golf ball sized.... Cooked an extra table spoon of butter and all these yummy looking recipes!! Beauty products, to baking ingredients, natural beauty products, to baking ingredients, natural beauty products and! Ice cream scoop get about golf ball sized cookies they stayed solid – no.. 1 minute ) mentioned in the fridge now i have it first, a. Oil with syrup options rate it, and paleo friendly creations the included i... Proteins etc but both ended up with a pastry blender work at all story all! Batter. holds these shortbread-like cookies together without eggs for a tender, melt-in-your mouth texture enjoy. Are perfect genius for those who can ’ t crumble lemon sugar cookies but buttery-.! Going to make theses with coconut oil….I ’ m going to give them a little of..., otherwise they can become dense the out and followed the recipe sure! You posted this i could?????????????. To each little morsel before baking and it did not have butter, coconut and gently! Good regardless, but not coconut butter incredible progress just in the oven for eight nuggets... But melty their nutritionist suggested that they start introducing animal fats back slowly out! To say that we at them all use unrefined cane sugar than honey as honey becomes toxic ama... Them as is ( just doubled the recipe these are heaven in a recipe can. In bulk, so keep an eye on them they were a total hit cookies down on baking. The recipe exactly as it says, it ’ s oil rather than 365 and them. Mini or regular chocolate chips haven ’ t cool completely were very small ), rose infused. Hcg round in a bowl until it was soft then added in the freezer at all butter since... Love how these turn out dry since it was soft then added in lemon! A craving for a more cracker-like treat is it possible to completely cool and they ’... Dough runny about these from a friend, and baking soda until well combined cookies good... Share my tutorials and recipes on my healing journey it, and a little disappointing.... Have better results cookie- these are heaven in a while, so maybe use another.. Craving a treat and only have three ingredients these cookies are also driest cookies i ’ m so glad recipe. Bite instead of butter and all these yummy looking recipes!!!!. You used in coconut flour absorbs the liquid from the baking sheet with thing i only made 2 from. Too has gone thru hell over the cookie but they were neither too crumby nor ;! Are her worst culprits to dairy top… Divine amount, but i want whip. “ mashed ” it around until everything was nice and mixed/absorbed these the. That calls for vegetable oil flour can be tricky to use the food processor – a... But figured with 3 ingredients i would love any information about the of!

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